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About Us

When I was young and filled with curiosity. This little thing called curiosity let me into a whole new journey that contained art and fashion. With no hesitation, I packed my leather bags and suitcases, with a polaroid hanging from my neck, I moved to Paris, Europe- the place filled with absolute extraordinary arts. Streets filled with music, museums around every corner, visiting flea markets, and even the people walking down inspired me. I studied fashion and art more and worked a significant amount. In my life, I traveled to Paris, Milan, London, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo-all the places containing knowledge of fashion. With this mindset of inspirations soaked into my brain, I decided to open my own fashion creation. With a new set of goals and dreams, the year 2005 has been a window of new opportunities toward the fashion industry. Starting the journey at Pasadena, California. Isabelle’s Cabinet has been born. Isabelle is my daughter’s name and one of my main inspirations. In 2006, I decided to own a second store in Seal Beach, California and still owning it today. Taking all my memories from my travels, our clothes from Isabelle’s Cabinet included new trends, very California beach-friendly, vintage love, and of course, as my inspiration have been a great effect, European style. The adventure does not stop here, but it continues on, each journey at a time to accomplishments in the fashion industry. Our adventure may be little, but like a treasure, has a big impact.
Our journey to still be continued,

Isabelle’s Cabinet

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